Hello Everyone

I am using 2 different database servers to retrieve my data.

Some of my query retrieve data from one database server and some from other database server.

I had made connection successfully, But there is one problem.

The problem is that when I am retrieving data it is very slow.(It takes too time to execute my query).

Is there any way or solution to retrieve data fast.

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Slow retreival of data can be attributed to many reasons. Some of them are:

  1. Not using optimized query
  2. Data set that is returned is very large
  3. Slow connection

It's difficult to pinpoint the problem without having a look at your code.


Try using singleton design pattert to only have 2 connections and not connecting each time you want to run a query.

Also, you can using profiling to spot slow functions or piece of code. Lookup xdebug extention.

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