I find it hard to define the** job title **for this job.
On the one hand this is a client side developer, but on the other hand the job responsibility's are much more then that.
can you help me define a job title for those responsibility's at our Operations Department?

  • Testing in client site level a new cms systems candidates for the organization.

  • support for the cms in client side and the contact men between the organization and the system provider of the cms (update versions etc...)

Implementing and developing technological solutions such as:
a. Survey system implementation.
b. Establishment of the facebook product and development of scripts for this purpose in php & js such as:
image map converter and facebook floating likebox
c. Implementing flv player

Contact men between system department and our Operations Department:about system failure in customer websites.

technical consulting in building newsletters on newsletter system

** I marked with an asterisk the main Responsibilities*

Well. Considering that the job involves both development and system management.
Perhaps the title should be System Developer.

A web/software developer does all that and more. We are an overworked lot.

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