How to create website when you click the product gallery will appears a special url for such product.

The problem is the product is customizable.

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I have product gallery which shows a collection of product pictures. When someone click one of the picture it suppose to carry us to another page with special url only for the product. for example http://localhost/Bread/gallery/wheatbread.php This page will shows the product description.

The thing is, the product gallery is customizable - the administrator will be able to change the picture or product name which also change the url name.

How to create the program?


first, you must set user permissions, locations, product name, images, description and url images in a database, and then create a form to upload an image and caption, then appear in the gallery that you have created with img src


Then when administrator updates the image, he must also update, or change the description. I see from one of your other posts that you are familliar with CKEditor, you can use that for the admin.


what's the user permission and images for?

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