Hello i dont know how to echo from one table row ( table row name title )

id | id_publisher | title | price |......... so what i want is to echo title and how many games like

Exaple: surrounded with ( ) is how many i have.
Call of Duty (8)
Call of Duty black ops 2 (15)
Need for speed most wanted 2 (10)

i dont know if you understand what i mean ?? :) if so can somebody explain how to do that if possible ?

Any help is appreciated :) Thanks

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Are you referring to a mysql DB table or a table in html?


mysql DB table

If you're starting from scratch, here is a very basic tutorial that would help get you started

Once you start and have some code going, you can ask us questions here if you run into problems.

Also, the best and first resource for all questions regarind PHP http://php.net

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