dear all,

i need help about i'm making application with login form from visual studio and using loginname in every pages, my questions is:
how to get username online into database when user insert/update? because i wont to know 'who create this data'

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Create Session variable or Hidden control and assign username into session vairable or hidden control when the login is succssfull. Using session variable u can know who is inserting the data or updating

by the way.. do you know about ebout ebook or link to session

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Search in net u will get idea about the session

Thanks for your help...
i need help again... after using cookies...
but i don't understand how to get username into database...

maybe some code....

if someone insert/update his name can find in database 'create by'

Once the login is successful u can came to know the username as 'Create by', that assign into session or cookie variable. When user is try to insert/update the record, pass this username into backend to update 'Create by' using the Insert/update query.

ok, i understand
when user push insert/update button, he send his cookies

my program is working now

best regards,

Fine. Then mark as resovled

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