I am using window.open to launch a link from within an iFrame. Here is my code to launch the link:

=iif(Fields!budgetid.Value>1,"javascript:void(window.open('"+"http://test/forms/Su....aspx?BudgetId=" & Fields!budgetid.Value & "'))","")

The link is showing up in my iFrame, but when I click the link nothing happens. If I right click, copy the shortcut, and paste into another browser tab the link does work.

The link is actually on a SSRS report rendered within that iFrame. When I run the report outside of the iFrame, the link works fine. Is there something Javascript related that I can do to make the link work from within the iFrame?


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I think the IFRAME is technically "outside" the control of the window (for security reasons).

You can try removing the http: and instead do:


this way, you are not "leaving" the server to come back to the server, thus creating a security hole. If the double whack doesn't work, try just making a relative path from the IFrame src.

Alternatively, you can try to make the iframe src a relative path instead of http(s) so it is not "leaving" the server. Personally, I think this is probably your issue more than the former...

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