Is w3schools.com best to learn HTML Or any other programming language? If so then how?

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I like w3schools but others don't. This is a great site to learn from though and I suggest you browse the many topics that will suit your needs in this Web Development section.


w3schools is a good source, but i certainly can not say it is the best. There are many sources out there and not everyone is going to agree on a good source.

For beginners, use books as backup and use google as your best friend... any question you can come up (almost any question) can be found with a single google search. Also, try expirementing with what you can make, your expirements are better than what you read off of someone else's resource.

And if you have anymore questions, feel free to ask the number one forum... DANIWEB and be prepared for users like LastMitch, JorgeM, Pixelsoul, me, and etc. answer your question(s).


Well that's an interesting page pritaeas. I haven't read all of it yet but I will and I'm going to reevaluate whether or not I frequent there in the future.


I think that W3Schools is OK for a first pass at learning HTML. Its most definately not the best source for reference. For that, go directly to the W3C's site.

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