I want a resume parser in PHP, which parse the resume and take candidates name, skill set, city, education, etc.
If anyone have it and want to share then please do. (because due to some time schedule, I donthave time to write.)
or please do let me know links from where I can get some guidedance to write the parser.

What's the format of the resume? If there is no predetermined format, it's lots of work determining all possible combinations.

@pritaeas: yaah...
there is no any format of resume.
thats why I need a great help!
please do if possible!

If there is no format, then you'll probably need loads of regexes to get all possible combinations. There's no way I can predict what you need. If you show a sample resume I can get you started, but you'll need to fill in the rest.

yaah sure!!
thanks a lot showing interest!!!
Formats may be like this-



Mob No: 123456789.

Educational Details
- Academic Qualifications:
- Degree
- Year of Passing
- Institution
- Board /University
- Specialization
- Percentage
- Class
- M.C.A
(this is in tabulaer format)

  • Project Details
    Project 1:

Project 2:

Project 3:

  • Technical Summary

    -Programming Language: C, C++, D.S, Core Java, HTML, VB, .NET, Structs2.0,
    -Database : Ms Access, DB2-Express C, Oracle10g, Mysql.
    -Web Development : HTML, ASP.NET, JavaScript.
    -Operating Systems : Microsoft Windows.
    -Web Servers : Apache Tomcat.
    -Tools : Dreamweaver, Visual Studio 2010, Eclipse (Galileo), Netbean, Jcreator.

  • Extra Curricular Activities

Generally students write there educational details in tabuler format.
I want the following details from each resume:
-Name of student.
-last completed degree (which I will get from this type of tables.)
-year of this degree.
-Skills / Technical summary (whatever word are there for skill set)
-Birth date
-Mobile number

Help me for stating the code.
As I get it I will be completeing it fastly then, but not getting how to start .
(In php only)

Thanks in adavance!!

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