I created my own simple blog with some posts in it, the posts are stored in a folder called "posts" and there in .MD format. I want to put a search engine on my blog when they search anything that looks similar to any blog.. it should show the results.. I can create a MySQL dB but I don't what do I add in the fields? And how do I link them?

If you still don't get me, let me know. I'll explain briefly.
I tried every web community. Now Daniweb is my last hope.

Thank you.

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@pirtaeas, I wanna search my own blog.
@diafol, I tried pasting it on my site but I get blank results..


Is your website already indexed by Google? It doesn't work on your local machine if that's what you've tried.


@pritaeas I did try it on my web server but still no use. Can I create my own?


Can I create my own?

Create your own what?

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Oh. right. You could do a FULLTEXT search on your DB if you want to do that, but it won't search any static text on any of your pages. I still think that a Google CSE search would be your best bet. Perservere with it for a while?

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