Hello there,
Does anyone know about following google calender issue:
I had code for google calender invitation.
But due to some reson I add patch over there which fetches some extra information and merge in the body of that mail.
But what I found is : when I add patch there, It takes only some starting part of information.
Final conclusion is it takes particular length of data in calender.
(If you say how I came to this decission, then here is my answer: I tried to remove previous part of my message then it added next few lines of added patch. I again removed some part of body message, it again take some part of message!!! )

Is this known issue or am wrong somewhere?
Help me out please. This issue is wasting my time.
Please let me know if am not clear in this question.

I forgot to add:
it takes proper whole message in body..
just problem is about calender message length.