Hello Community,
I was wondering if getting an SSL certificate be worth it for my new website it the website doesn't store users personal details all it will hold is users links that would be counted but the thing is i don't know if it would be worth it or not because I'm not dealing with personal details.

So what do you think would it be worth it?

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No, I wouldn't buy an SSL security.

As you've pointed out, you aren't handling any personal details and therefore there isn't really a need for encryption, especially considering your site is only just starting out. Furthermore, the amount of processing time required to handle SSL/TLS traffic is significantly higher than standard HTTP traffic.

The only time I would suggest using an SSL certificate is if you're handling anything such as bank details as part of an ecommerce system.

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You simply need to make a determination whether or not you need to secure the data while in transit. In other words, if someone was to capture the data while in transit, do you care if they use an application to retrieve the data from the packets?

If not, then there is no reason to add on SSL security.


Thanks i just needed a second opinion, I've decided not to get it i was only thinking about getting it just to give users that little bit more reason to trust me with there data.

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