If I have a array:
$myarray = array("10"=>"apple", "20"=>"banana", etc..) up to 15 values.

and I use $_GET['category'] to get my value from url for instance "10"

How do I echo $myarray to be "apple"?

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    $cat = $_GET['category'];
        echo $myarray[$cat];
        echo "Not found in array";

You can also use array_key_exists

if(array_key_exists('category',$_GET)) {
    if(array_key_exists($_GET['category'], $myarray)) {
        echo $myarray[$_GET['category']];
    } else {
         echo 'not found in array';

and shorter and not so pretty.....

if(array_key_exists('category',$_GET)) {
    echo array_key_exists($_GET['category'], $myarray) ? $myarray[$_GET['category']] : 'not found in array';

and shorter....and uglier.....

echo (array_key_exists('category',$_GET) AND array_key_exists($_GET['category'], $myarray)) ? $myarray[$_GET['category']] : 'not found in array';
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