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@pixelsoul, I didn't figure you for one to link to w3schools instead of to the manual...

I guess it depends on how I'm feeling about the question :)

This one seemed to need the simplified version I guess. w3schools does a nice job most of the time explaining something in a simpler manner than the manual does sometimes.

I should of included the manual as well ;-)


how to show only 10 image at one time in php ?

@shubham.sss05: are you asking about showing only ten images from a group of images?Are you refering to pagination?In that case you can just see this example


I would refer the OP to the 'how to post a question' sticky in this forum.

Choose a helpful, informative title for the article. Likewise with phrasing your question - if it is a question. I thought this would be better than a neg rep. :)

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I was thinking the exact same thing
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