suppose i have a account in a website, and i want to see the users who are members of this website, and my name is also listed there, but i want to remove my name from there, from my account, i can see others name without mine, and this will happen for others account too, they will see others account but not him/herself.

SELECT * EXCEPT $login_user

please give me ideas or suggestions to make this idea into reality.
advance thanx to all who read this discussion and give their valuable time in here.

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Yes it is possible.

then please help me to solve...

thanx for your reply and suggestion, i will try for this and let you know about my progress on this problem...

thanx for your suggestion iamthwee problem is solved using "SELECT * FROMtablenameWHEREcolumnnameNOT LIKE '%{$variablename}%'".

Assuming logins are unique using the '%' operator is not needed.

Not only that you may have another user with their name inside another so this is subject to bugs/issues. In my opinion the username should be the primary key, or unique.

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