I made a site and i would like to update it at a server. I am from greece. Do you know which is the cost per year and a good and not very expensive server?
Thank you

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I'm currently using Linode, you can isntall from selection of operating systems and install whatever apps/tools/libraries you want. In past I used dailyrazor they will setup Unix or Windows environment but otherwise you have to go with their tools.
You need to decide if you want shared server or private and how much control over it you want...

I used netbean to create my website at mac. I do not know a lot from server cause i am new. How does it works you upload all the files and libs there and deploy there? What is the different on shared server and private?
Thank you for the informations

Shared number of people are sharing same instance of Tomcat/GlassFish/Jetty and if you or them request server restart there is downtime for all users, usually there is limit on how many restarts you can have. It is cheaper but pain in neck due to limited control you have.
Private, only your app is run on the server either you can restart server as you need or can ask support to do it for you.

do you know the cost for a year hosting? And a good hoster for greece-europe? I am looking for private i hosting

You could have already look at the two companies I mentioned. Besides country of origin doesn't matter as long you able to pay and do not host stuff that may violate their usage policy... With linode I pay $20 per month, I do usualy pay for period of 2 years so I get 2 montsh free as there is 15% discount. 10% for 1 year

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