Hi I create a application in netbeans, and in one web service method it return a List.

    public List searchByAuthor(String author) {
        return bookBean.listByAuthor(author);

above is the code. When i right click the web service and click 'Test Web Service' and test the ListByAuthor it gives me an exception

Service invocation threw an exception with message : null; Refer to the server log for more details

Exceptions details : java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

how do i solve this
thanks appreciate help

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Exceptions details : java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

It means your argument list wasn't valid.

Where is your <List>?

Hi LastMich

the list is the values that return from bookBean.listByAuthor(author) method.
the fields are bookID,title,ISBN, description etc

how would i solve it

appreciate a reply

but i would i display the result?

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but i would i display the result?

If you resolve the InvocationTargetException{} issue, then on your JSP page will display the results.

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