I am a beginner, and i dont know about debuging, so please can u help me in easy way.

I tried that WebXel shopping Cart which ASP.NET (VB) I went thru it all, and I could understand it, but sure not all the code, but I faced many problems while running it.
I could run some of the pages that it has but not all, the reasons are:

When you press F12 in dreamweaver to see the page in ur browser, it browser the page normally. but when u click on the left banner on "Home Page" it open a dialogue box
asking you if u want to SAVE or OPEN or CANCEL (same 1 when u try to download
a file)
I open the HomePage on Dreamweaver MX 2004 it open normally under design or code,
but when I try again to browse it, it gave me same dialogue box, I dont know whats

another reason, is some pages (if you click on the left banner at "Load Saved Cart" which is LoadCart.aspx , it give me RunTime Error and ask me to Debug it, which I dont know about debug and those stuff

I got the IIS installed and running, and tested
the DB is set up as well.
thats what i do have on my system:

Win XP Pro + all update installed
Dreamweaver MX 2004
.Net Framework 1.1
MDAC 2.8
IIS5 and IIS 6 Manager
MS Access (Office XP Pro).

any idea?

Thank you


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to be honest, you really need to sit down witha woob like Wrox ASP.NET for beginers, and user a basic editor like asp matrix, which is freely downloadable from www.asp.net

as for the debuf.. at the top of the page.. make sure in the <%@ language=C#%> you include
<%@ language=C# debug=True%>


Do the pages that you're trying to edit have codebehind? I don't think Dreamweaver can edit ASP.NET pages with Codebehind.


You can do Code behind with DW MX 2004, but it requires some implementation of some code to make it work. Since I am at work (non-IT job) and not at home I can't give that exact line of code, but I will check on it asap.

But don't hold me on this. Just know that you can create VB.net and C# classes in DW MX.


Here is an example of what I was meaning:

<%@ Page Language="vb" AutoEventWireup="false" Codebehind="Products.aspx.vb" Inherits="NorthLogin.Products"%>

This is place in the HTML code of the aspx page.


since you are just starting out i recomend downloading asp.net matrix from asp.net

its a good basic editor, and does not add a lot of messy code like dreamweaver

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