This is going to be the least important post you will read, but if anyone can help me, I will still appreciate it. Every fall I have a small weekly football contest with my friends for fun. I have an html file with 20 games on it, players choose one of two radio buttons on the website for their winner of that game until they have selected 20 games, then they include a tiebreaker (total points), then click submit to submit their picks.

When they submit their picks, a form2email.php script that I downloaded a couple of years ago does the rest, sends their picks to me via email. I then have to cut and paste their picks to put in a spreadsheet for everyone so they can see everyone's picks. I would rather it be a form2excel.php script, whereas their picks will directly populate an excel column. I know nothing about php, I just used the free form2email.php script I found online. Anyone have a form2excel.php script that works the same way, or it not that easy?

Thanks! Iggy

Well, I suppose you'll be using mySQL, so basically when they enter their details into the form
, they will be automatically entered into the database. Then, you will run a query against the database for those fields and data that have been inserted. After that, just save up an excel file with that data:

INSERT INTO OPENROWSET ('Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0', 'Excel 8.0;Database=c:\Test.xls;','SELECT teamid, player FROM dbo.football')

That's in SQL syntax, but should be possible in mySQL as well.

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