downloading file form specifice site using php+curl
Hi ervery one
this is my question is here i hope you will help me

I am trying to download file form this site


and my link is that file i want to download


using this tutorial

but no success i have good knowledge of php but not expert in cURL+cookies i am using NuSphere for writing code i am getting this messge

"Hotlinking is not allowed"

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"Hotlinking is not allowed"

This response is coming from that server. It detects you want to open that image from a different server directly, and does not allow that.

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That response is part of a system put in place by the site owner to stop bandwidth theft. The owner pays for the service, and others using it without permission is considered theft.
By your method of accessing the file, from outside the site, you have been identified as a thief
If you feel you have a valid reason to access the file contact the site owner and arrange proper access, without the block.
If you are a thief, stop, create, host and use your own content.
If, as many who hit hotlink blocks, you did/do not intend theft, and are simply ignorant of copyright, create, host and use your own content. eg; link to the site in a manner acceptible to the site owner,

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Thanks for your kind respone ...........
actuly i want donwload files once and upload to my server that is why i am doing this

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