i am kinda new to programming and i wwanted to ask that the java language and java script are the same thing
plesse >>> provide a reason>>>>

thank you

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Javascript is based on ECMAScript, which is then intepreted in a "sandbox" which is controlled by a browser to interpret the script. Javascript exists solely as a client side language, which means it requires a browser to function. This is, of course, ignoring server side javascript, which is (for the sake of this discussion) going to be ignored since it is a special use case, and not typical of the use of javascript on the web.

JAVA is a language that was developed by SUN Microsystems (yeah?). It runs off a "virtual machine", which is on a users machine, and interprets the code into byte-code for the machine it is instaleld on. JAVA comes with a bunch of stuff that makes development "easier" or "faster" if you know how to use them. JAVA can be run on any computer that has JAVA installed (the VM), but it is version dependent.

TL:DR; Javascript is a web language. JAVA is a stand-alone language, which can be integrated with browsers, run as a stand alone application, or run as a unifying programming tool, as long as the system running it has the VM instsalled.

That said, I dont like JAVA. C/C++/Python ftw! :)

Also, wikipedia is your friend.

Great explanation... In addition just for some additional clarity, JavaScript and JAVA are completely independent. Also developed by different people. The only similarities are Java in the name and the syntax is similar.

Additionally, the JavaScript Original Name was LiveScript .

And Microsoft's version was JScript! :)

Additionally, the JavaScript Original Name was LiveScript.

sorry my bad:
(additionally), the JavaScript Original Name is: LiveScript .

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