I am new in ajax. I searched some code about autocomplete. But when I select data from list I dont know retrieve data. Page get_course_list.php fill list and send to user choiced value.

In php is code
Diagnoza: <input type="text" id="course" onblur="course()">

 echo "course: $dgkod"  ;

Function in same page is

 $("#course").autocomplete("get_course_list.php", {
                width: 260,
                matchContains: true,
                //mustMatch: true,
                //minChars: 0,
                //multiple: true,
                //highlight: false,
                //multipleSeparator: ",",
                selectFirst: false

What is onblur when it's at home? Is is supposed to be class instead?

Here is a pretty decent tutorial on the subject that should get you closer.


Pay close attention to the PHP file and how the returned data in the array is being JSON encoded, which jQuery then parses and searches through.