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Was wondering if anyone had a short and simple resolution to implementing Paypal IPN and data validation for a pay now button in a shopping cart.

I have developed a shopping cart for our dealers to order their business cards, sales agreements, brochures, etc. that I am trying to automate to the point when they have made their payment (and it is verified), I will receive a notification email and the order will be automatically submitted to the printer along with the dealers information from the database required to complete the printing project.

I've been looking at different means of accepting payments in my shopping cart and after getting my merchant account set up through Intuit, decided that for this shoppint cart I wanted to offer Paypal to our dealers. As for the other shopping cart (actual products - Walk In tubs and accessories), I will be using the merchant account to accept Credit Cards and Bank ACH payments.

Spent the past 1 1/2 days reading through piles of documentation both on Paypal site and on the web involving this implementation, but still don't have a clear enough picture to get it in place and functioning, and I'm running very short on time. Spend over 3 hours on the phone yesterday with 5 different support personnel from Paypal in what I believe to be 5 different countries and none of them were adept at speaking english, with no positive results.

Does anyone have any sample scripts and / or suggestions / Directions that will get me on track at least?


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Does anyone have any sample scripts and / or suggestions / Directions that will get me on track at least?

There's no sample script, all the code is on PayPal.

Read this:

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Not really solved, but no Useful responses in here so I am marking it solved just to get it out of the queue.

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