hi.. how can i create a listview or Gridview which display all my data in my sql??
also with a next and previous button.. and find..

I'm been searching it for whole day but no luck.. i find a few but it required me to buy it from them?..
Can anyone help me with this matter..

I thank you in advanced.
God Bless

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Hello Zick!

I have used PHP Datatables library with good success, it has pagination and search functionality. You can view some examples and download the code here.

It's 100% free and can be used with multiple data sources including MySQL


Depends on what you need. Are you trying to develop your php skills while building your solution or are you after a quick-fix site held together with duck tape?

Using 3rd party solutions is a great way to get quick results and can save you an inordinate amount of time trying to code something from scratch. However, some solutions (classes, usually) are so poorly coded or/and documented that you end up with a 'black-box' scenario. If something isn't quite right, then you could spend even more time debugging the beast compared to building a DIY solution.

Building the solution you describe should be 'relatively trivial'. You can use template engines for this or go completely DIY. You'll need a mix of static html and loops for the datatable/grid and some functions (ajaxed if possible) for the various nav buttons. Will you be needing pagination too?

jQuery and other 'libraries' offer javascript shortcuts with enable you to add great functionality to data tables, such as column sorting.

Many off-the-peg solutions may have these features built-in. So, have a very good idea of what you need and search for those attributes. If they aren't available (or you have to pay for them), go DIY.

Some php frameworks can do a lot of this for you too (see CRUD), e.g. Yii, but the amount of time required to learn how to use a framework in the first place can be daunting.

If you're using Joomla or Wordpress or other CMS, you may find that they have 3rd party add-ons that can do what you need.


If you're thinking of just replicating your entire DB view in an admin page type thing, it may easier to just use phpmyadmin or if the DB is accessible from your local machine, use an open source GUI like SQLyog. However, if you need to edit data in tables - especially link tables - you may find that your DIY solution is easier.

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I used Datatables a lot in my previous project and it covered all I needed (sorting, filtering, pagination, ajax, formatting, theming, language customization, sorting by date in many formats, sorting IP addresses etc.). I highly recommend it.

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