Here is my code, the problem I have is the alert just isnt showing, however if the alert is put in the while loop it shows but outside the loop it doesn't could someone explain why?


function GetText() {
    var name = document.getElementById("name").value;
    var age = document.getElementById("age").value;
    var house = document.getElementById("house").value;
    var road = document.getElementById("road").value;
    var city = document.getElementById("city").value;
    var county = document.getElementById("county").value;
    var country = document.getElementById("country").value;
    var postCode = document.getElementById("postCode").value;
    var activityNum = ["a1","a2","a3","a4","a5","a6","a7","a8","a9","a10","a11","a12","a13","a14","a15","a16","a17","a18","a19"];
    var activityName = ["Rock climbing","Zipwire","Assault course","Orienteering","Raft Building","Team Challenges","Forest adventure walks","Tree climbing","High ropes zip wire","Night hill walks","Extreme rafting","High ropes","Tunnel mazes","Rock climbing on cliff","Cave exploring","Army assault course","Forest fitness test","All day mountain biking","Bungee jumping"];
    var theirChoices = [];
    var x = 0;
    while (x < 20) {
        choice = document.getElementById(activityNum[x]).checked;
        if (choice == "1") {
            var choice = activityName[x];
        } else {


<input type="checkBox" id="a1" size="50" />Rock climbing<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a2" size="50"/>Zipwire<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a3" size="50"/>Assault course<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a4" size="50"/>Orienteering<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a5" size="50"/>Raft Building<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a6" size="50"/>Team Challenges<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a7" size="50"/>Forest adventure walks<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a8" size="50"/>Tree climbing<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a9" size="50"/>High ropes zip wire<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a10" size="50"/>Night hill walks<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a11" size="50"/>Extreme rafting<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a12" size="50"/>High ropes<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a13" size="50"/>Tunnel mazes<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a14" size="50"/>Rock climbing on cliff<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a15" size="50"/>Cave exploring<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a16" size="50"/>Army assault course<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a17" size="50"/>Forest fitness test<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a18" size="50"/>All day mountain biking<br>
<input type="checkBox" id="a19" size="50"/>Bungee jumping<br>
<input type="button" value="Submit All" size="50" onClick="GetText()"/><br>

You have 19 activities but you're trying to access the 20th one, which crashes your script.
Counting starts from 0.

Also, feel free to increment x outside of the if statement, since you increment it either way.

if (choice == "1")
commented: Fixed it now, thanks alot! +3
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