Write PHP code to follow a user and also give the database schema

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Which server are you using its wamp or any other

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I think I've mentioned this before. Could you please show any code that you have so far? Being lazy and just demanding code is not what this site's about. If your Google skills are really that bad that you can't find anything on this, then coding is the last thing you should be doing.

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not a problem, just transfer the cash to my paypal account and I will forward you a link to any of the prewritten scripts freely available to download

These are the question which has been given by a company for recruitment as an assignment question....

I am not going to be harsh on you, but have you ever reconsider how strenuous it is to becoming a developer, programmer, or a coder? What you are asking is not even extra hard if you at least try.

It is just asking yourself, what would Juan do if he wants to follow Maria? You write this on the paper and start brain-storming the processes Juan must take to be able to follow Maria. Now, you highlight the process or processes if we are to programme the action of Juan and the probable response of Maria.

Will Maria accept?
Does Maria wants to be notified, if someone desires to follow her?
Will Maria allows her follower to see all of her activities? or can she pick which one among her followers can have the special persmission to do so.?
Can Maria send and receive messages from her followers and vice-versa?

Does Juan wants a confirmation on his request to follow Maria?
Will Juan automatically allow Maria to follow him?

How about if one Don't or lost his or her desire to follow or to be followed?
Does your application include removing followers, and un-follow functions?

Will the application will have an option to restore the following rights of previous followers?
Will the application will just allow everyone following each other without pre-authorization?

You can then break-down the most feasible process, and then again highlight the most important information that can be preserve, change, cannot be change, and affected by spontaneous changes . You design the database table for these highlighted information.

Little things like I have mentioned above can make your hair really greasy at times, and it can take as much a gallon of coffee, before even the idea could clearly appear on your head, especially on a lazy day.

So, consider what it takes to become a developer (logical developer) or something with lesser pay, but with peace of mind. OR take the 100K and up north salary per year in exchange of 2 - 3 hours of sleep on weekdays coupled for free with accelerating receding hairline and caffeinated breath and sweats.

You need to write Php code go to get some basic examples from w3school. here available some basic examples. so you get from w3school.