Hey all!! I am thinking of creating a website that may contain some buying/selling items, so I was wondering which framework is the best for shopping online. I have some experience with codeigniter, but I was using it for its MVC structure which organizes and uses files more efficently. Anyway I would like to know if codeigniter is good for online shopping, I mean is it secure ? Is there any other php frameworks that are more secure ? (Zend, yii, etc ...). What about Wordpress ? But I think it's limited for blogs and not very flexible for modifications. So in conclusion, should I go with coding everything from frameworks (if yes, which php framerwork) or use a install and go website ?

prestashop is good for ecommerce - in my opion :)

Hey Squidge thank you, mmm I just googled it, I don't want a website that looks like a shopping website, I mean I want to create my own pages design and then intergrate shopping with it. Example of websites that describe what I want. Deviantart.com, tutsplus.com, etc... The main concept of the website is not the shopping part, it's what the website is about. For example deviantart.com is a gallery of photos, and there's an option to buy a printed version of the photo ... Hope I made my idea clearer


Sorry i think i had miss undrstood what you were after ^_^.

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If you use 3rd party solutions - and often you have to - you are at the mercy of those coders, especially if you don't understand the source code. Security is a bit difficult to measure, as frameworks often rely on their own 3rd party plugins, which are not always vetted for security. So framework security != plugin security.

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