Hi there, I have a really irritating site problem that I just can't get my head around.

I only have fairly basic coding skills and hope that someone here can help crack my issue.

I own a small php/mySQL based job board which I have moved from hosting to hosting over time with no problems. Just recently I have taken a step up in hosting and gone for a VPS. I've moved all the files and the database as per usual and everything displays fine.

The problem comes when you try to log in (as a jobseeker, employer or admin). Using my admin password, I log in, it shows me the dashboard, but clicking any other link from their brings back up the password box. If you enter it again it takes you through to the page, but if you click on another link it asks for the password again. It's like it's not registering that the session is still active.

There is no difference in the script from it's last hosting (I've checked).

Anyone have any ideas?

Perhaps the PHP version is different on your new host. You say you've been using this for a while. Functions get deprecated over time, so perhaps this is the issue here.