I am trying to create a website with spacechatting. Is there any way to build a website with spacechatting besides yahoo messanger. Is there a free one?

If there is no free software, how much approximately? A free software/script is prefered.

What is spacechatting?

Do you mean space/window for chatting ?

I have a feeling your referring to a live chat on a web page? I am kind of lost... do you mind clarrifying a bit more on what you are looking for...

yes, a live chat on a web page usually for customer service. I know, using a yahoo messanger is a free one. I see another chat feature like: http://www.kreatifwebdesign.com/
Is that a chat room ? Is the customer supp ort usually login through a chat room or a chat messanger ?

<M/> has provided you with a wonderful tutorial from tutsplus company. If you want a ready to use software here's one:

Check the demo, if you liked it, sign up and download it for free!