Any ideas on some good beginner projects for PHP? I'd like to at, some point in the future, get into front end development and although I have a little self taught programming knowledge I don't have any real work experience in I.T. or programming at all, just the programs you write following python & c++ books of the shelf.


I learnt by starting to write what I was interested in.. So for example, the first application I built in PHP was a register and login system, from there I gained experience. There's no real "Best project to start learning" I would pick something that is:

1) Easy/less complex to do

2) Something that you're interesting in : Otherwise you will just get bored and fustrated. THINK of something you've seen online, or in the real world and try to put this into an application. (For example, with me it was "How does Amazon know what I was looking at the last time I visited?)

By having C++ / Python experience, this should help with the syntax.

Hope this helps you.

Just like stated above, things that you're interested in.
I personally think Register/Login systems, mini blog/posting systems are good practice as a lot of the big things in the language are practiced in that way.

Many projects are there to start.. but for the beginner.. he or she must develop a project in which insertion, editing (changing, deleting) and fetching processings come across. So it should be very simple

How's your client-side web dev skills?

I only ask because when I got interested in server side scripting (in my case ASP.NET) and started learning it before picking up the client side HTML, CSS and Javascript. So I ended up getting exposed to the server side before the client side. I would suggest doing the reverse. Get your HTML and CSS strong before the PHP, in my opinion.

I think that this approach will help you write much better server side scripts.

There are a lot of beginner projects you can do that encompass all of the above. What are you interested in? Business apps, social apps, ....?

I'm intrested mainly in getting the skills needed to get job in the I.T. field. JorgeM, I know just enough HTML & CSS to get by. The problem is HTML bores me to death.

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html and css are the nuts and bolts of the web. if it bores you to death it's like saying you want to write poetry but can't stand words. well not quite but you get the idea. imo it's pointless getting data from a server if you can't present the info in a manner acceptable to the end user. sure you can learn php without knowing too much css, but technologies move quickly and in order to get a job in back end I would imagine that you need to be able to understand how that can be utilised by the front end. html and css are easy really. but html5 and css3 along with shims pollyfills and js should be on your list of things to learn. my 2p