I've been doing computers for a few months now. Learnt a bit, but sometimes I don't know how to put my questions into words.
I am developing a real estate page and I would like to do something similar to what we see in those real estate sites. I have done the google maps, with ajax, dynamic data, SQL, the forms, etc. It has ben a fun 6 months....
But I would like to have either a:
a) page as we see in trulia.com where when you click on the side panel or inside the infobubble (see-more-details button), one page pops up with full description of the property. I am imagining the infowindow is probably a infobubble or infobox, but what about the full page with property description?
or something like:
b) apartmentlist.com - when you click on either the marker or the sidepanel, a modal window with a 4 tab sort of large infobubble pops up. Is that a gigantic 4 tab infobubble? You can get to that even when ou click on the sidepanel (therefore not clicking on the map).

Of course all I need at this stage is some broad direction so I can search on my own. As we speak, I thought of handlebars, but that is not the case i think. Not many tutorials on handlebars. It has to have some fields where an ajax call get the data from the database. It's just transferring fields from tables to the page. But I can't move a inch over what I just said.
Any hint, tutorial, book, anthing will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much.

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SQL - Maybe Google Maps - Dynamic data


What do you want? What issue are you having? If you want to create a similair to trulia website then you need to get familiar with CMS or PHP framework or any other languages that you are familiar with and a database.

You know it's similiar to what Daniweb has also a search box which she put it on the right corner. As you can see it's not that hard to do that.

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