Hey guys im here again with another question on how to solve this specific problem i have, Whic is also releated on my last thread which is http://www.daniweb.com/web-development/php/threads/461702/cant-combine-two-sql-statement .. so the question now is

i have this table

 Name        Payment_type        Service_charge

 test 1        Cash                 10
 test 2        Cash                 20
 test 3        Charge               100
 test 4        Charge               100
 test 5        Invoice               50

output is

total Cash: 30
total Charge: 200
totaL Invoice: 50
Grandtotal :280

I can already get the Grandtotal but i can find a way to get the total cash,charge and invoice

what query should i use..? do i need a computation to achieve this?what is the best and easiest way to do it..?without affecting much in my current sql queries

thanks in advance

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You need to be more specific. Your question requires more explanation. Please post with some snapshot.

From where is total cash, total charge, total invoice coming from ?


sorry about that im trying to add snapshot on my post but its not showing.ill try again

the total cash, total charge, total invoice came from a specific date range that the user search in the db


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Right now I can only think of computation like you did for total. But then your code will be bulky.

P.S: Always try to explain your doubt in depth. :-)


Thanks for the link although i already found a way to do it..i made it playing around with my while loop and query like this

$sql = "SELECT Payment_type, sum(Grand_total) type_total FROM advance WHERE SDate BETWEEN '" . $from . "' AND '" . $to . "' GROUP BY Payment_type";
$result = mysql_query($sql);
while($row = mysql_fetch_array( $result )){

echo"<tr colspan='3'><td align='center' >Total ".$row['Payment_type']."</td><td align='center' width='1000px';>".$row['type_total'] ."</td></tr>";

echo"<tr colspan='3'><td align='center' >Grand Total</td><td align='center'>$total</td></tr>";

a lil bet messy but it make the work done

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