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Right so, i'm a C# programmer, so i'm already in the whole .NET idea. I have a couple of questions regarding ASP.NET.

1) Like C# is Microsoft's reply to Java, would I be correct to think ASP.NET is Microsoft's reply to PHP or just their implementation of adding power to the web?

2) Since ASP.NET is Microsoft's technology, I'm assuming I can make ASP.NET erm, pages? in my Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate.

3) Since ASP.NET (I think) handles the power of the web, It obviously requires the inevitable html coding. Like, ASP.NET only works if a website is existent, you can make a website out of ASP, only HTML - ASP just does STUFF with that html and plays around with the data etc. Correct?

4) Anything else I should know?

Lastly - Thank you for helping me out, highly appreciated.


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1)Not sure, I haven't been into programming that long :)

2)Yes, visual studio makes .aspx pages.

3)You are right on the money. The HTML is what users see, and creates controls such as textboxes, gridviews, and buttons on the page. ASP then allows you to program in VB.net or c# and do things with those controls based on events (users clicking them, the page loading, etc.).

4)Intellisense is AWESOME, especially for those new(er) to asp.net. It is like a permanent cheat sheet that knows what you want most of the time.

Sounds like you should give asp.net a shot, you are already halfway (or more) there since you are familiar with C#!

1) ASP.NET is Microsoft's reply to Java's JSP technology, and both architecture has many similar thinis.
2) Of course, Visual Studio is the primary editor for Microft based technlogies, sa as for ASP.NET

3) Yes you can make web pages just with Asp and html

4) yeah, there is something you shold know , some basic logic, html tags, a little bit xml and css will be fine.

Hi there - Thank you sgt_toasty and johny2011 for your kind comments. Highly appreciated.

This is a list of Technology which I am familar with:

Javascript (kinda)

So the next big thing is ASP. Can you folks point me to a direction where I can learn how to make a simple application in ASP? Like a login.

So there is a page : Login. And the user can ONLY access other pages IF and only IF they supply a correct username and password.

Again - Really appreciate this. Thank you.

lets clarify, the thing you need to learn is ASP.NET, so aspx, not ASP which is an older technology.
Since you already know c#, you will get familier with asp net.
you use c# or vb in just the behind code (or via script int aspx page)

there are millions asp net site out there, but if you ask I recommned you

and http://www.asp.net/
which is the officiak asp.net site.

Also this are fine,


I hope these will be hepful for your, take care.

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