iam creating a question paper for students where multiple questions are there with 4 choices per question and on submit butto i want to validate the given answers from answers save in the database. i have no any idea thathow to do it can anyone tell me the
solution with example

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Just curious: When you say you have no idea do you mean you have no idea at all? As in: I don't know PHP nor MySQL?

I think you'll need to start your own topic for such a question :).

Hi what have you tried so far..?just a suggestion 1st make a html / Php file with 4 radio button per question for the selection of answer then another file to handle the process when the submit button is click.maybe if you can show us something to start of we can help you with your question but if your looking for a ready made script think again no one will go that far providing you everything..remember this is a forum site where different mind collaborate, everyone needs to participate in someway or another..

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