Hi all
i have a list of companies(5029) in stock market. i need to group this company in to sector and industries and also get the S&P 500 companies .where can i get it ?. is it yahoo provide this

please help me to do this.

If you Google it, you will find lots of lists for the S&P 500.

Some of these (like the Yahoo one) are by sector. You will need to screen scrape to get the list into a file. I didn't see a list that you can purchase (as a file) but that's probably out there if you look hard enough.I'm sure that you can find info on any publicly traded stock if you search for it.

Thank a lot chrishea.And i am able to get these all the stock values using yahoo finance api and i need to get these following values (total dividends paid 3 year growth and net payout yield ttm and Pro ratings) in the following link http://ycharts.com/stock_screener/.please .is there any formulas or yahoo api will provide. and need to get this filter also .In this filter if i am set values means it ill take the company list. guide me on this i am new to this stock market