did any body had this error before with xamp in php e

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The only way we can help you is to provide us the source code where the error is coming from. Is it from php page located on your htdocs?


There's nothing to do with code even if i try a test htdocs it gives me this error, you guys think it windows problem or xamp problem. never had this problem before


you should try reinstalling xampp and make sure to set your installation directory to C: or your main hard drive. Otherwise, you can try using just the portable version which is equally the same as the .exe version.


yeah thnx, but what it may be the problem i have that xampp installed for almost a 1 year and never had a problem, i know that i can use a portable version, but want to know where the problem is, and for me it seems a windows problem, and its installed in C:(main drive)


guys any help i have re-instal the xamp and still the same issue can some body give me some help, i dont want to re-install my windows.


Did you installed anything before having this problem problem? I am assuming here that some other exe file is trying open a php file, but that is only my guess. I never ecountered this type of problem before, because all of my xampp for development are in portables.

You can try the command prompt test for your PHP if it working properly, if it is then the problem is pointed directly to your windows,, still you really need to make sure of that..

create a new php file named test.php and save it in your htdocs directory.


    echo 'Hello this is a test';

open your command prompt, type

cd c:xampp\htdocs\

//hit enter


php -v

this should give you the version of php installed on your computer.


php test.php

What do you see on your black box or command prompt? You should be seeing 'Hello this is a test'.

If that fails, your xampp installation is either corrupted. Else, it is your windows that is corrupeted.

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same was getting the same error everything i was doing was getting the same error, but it was a windows error nothis had to do with xampp, but any way thanks

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