I've tried html5 to access the laptop camera like demoed in this article http://davidwalsh.name/browser-camera

The problem is, it asks everytime I visit a website which uses a camera to either approve or deny access to my camera. The app I'd like to develop would not work like this, and I'm looking for a way to override this prompt or have it once saying "Always allow access to my webcam". Also - I'm testing it in Google Chrome.

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I guess no?

Or maybe yes?


There's no need to continue bumping your thread... it doesnt appear that anyone has a valuable solution for this question as of yet.

In any event, based on your question, it appears that you do not want to be prompted when visiting websites and you want to override the behavior.

Chrome allows you to manage exemptions..

Privacy >> Content Settings >>


When you click on manage exemptions, you should be able to create a an appropriate hostname pattern to address all URLs.

Chrome resource --> http://developer.chrome.com/extensions/match_patterns.html

If you have that pattern in your exemptions, you wont be prompted any longer to allow the use of the camera for any http site. Do the same for https if needed.


I had a look here earlier - it appears that the manage exceptions button doesnt allow further patterns to be entered.

hmmm.. i see what you mean now. For some of the sections, Chrome allows you to customize the exemption. For Media it does not.

sorry about that, I'll keep investigating as well because I'm curious as well...

[edit]-- looks like that's definately by design.

Oh ok. Good to have someone trying to figure out the same thing as me :)

I'm actually looking at developing something quite innovative if I can get around this problem, something innovative and really useful for people to browse the web with - but it requires webcam access.

Let me know if you come across something!

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