I need to have a application in which files are uploaded on the server in asp.net . I want those files to get renamed automatically on the server on a certain date.How to proceed with this in asp.net.
Kindly help

This seems like it may be better suited to a server cron job, since I'm assuming it depends on the date of the file's creation relative to the current date. You'd want some schedule task that runs daily.

Do you have access to the server's OS? If so, you can also develop a .NET app to handle this process if you are more comfortalbe with that, just create a schedule to run this as a routine job.

@deceptikon and @JorgeM....you guys are right ....I need a job kind of thing which shall run on server evryday at a specified timing....ne idea how do this gets implemneted on application server using asp.net

Something crued I've done in the past is have a cron job from another server call an asp.net web page and have my code run. I've done this for small operations.

You can then schedule the cron job. There are sites online that will allow you to create and manage cron jobs free or for a fee

I've used setcronjob.com in the past.