I integrated paypal payment successfully who have account in Paypal. There are 2 options, either you are a paypal user and you use your paypal, which is the way I have been testing. But, if you are not a member and want to test the cred/debit card option.
I want that the user will fill card details from my website and then page will go to paypal so that he/she cant fill details again. How I can this ?


One of the benefits of Paypal for the user and for the developer is that your website doesn't have to collect sensitive credit card info. You are giving a user two reasons not to buy whatever you are selling:

  1. Having to enter the info twice
  2. Giving up the confidentiality of the credit card info that Paypal provides.

If you want to collect this sort of info, you need a secure (https) connection with the appropriate certificate. If you are storing the info then you need controls on access to it (possibly including some encryption). You would also need to do everything possible to make your site hacker-proof. Why do this when you can leave all of this to Paypal?