Hi geeks,
After tireless searches of online open-source inventory management, I got no successful results.
My requirement is that, there are 3 levels. A least level employee request for a inventory item to 2 level. second level manager approves and sends it to first level, First level manager approves, replies the employee with the details. These items should be tracked with an inventory management thereby showing current status for each requested items. IS there any readymade open sourcecode available at this time. Or can I achieve this in drupal. ? If yes, please suggest me the drupal module for it.

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You can do it very easily . please share details of your projects. how many forms , tables you require?


Without more info, difficult to say. Is the inventory item in question "bookable" / reusable?

Possible DB schema

1) InventoryItems
2) InventoryRequests
3) Users

The intersting one will be the second table InventoryRequests...

request_id (int/PK)
item (int/FK)
user (int/FK)
status (tinyint) - e.g. 0 = Pending (default); 1 = 2nd Level (approved); 2 = 1st Level (approved)
date_out (datetime or int)
date_return  (datetime or int)
last_approval_user (int/FK)
next_approval_user (int/FK)
details (text)

Maybe a little over-complicated. Last two fields track WHO (1st level/ 2nd level managers)

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