I'm wanting to develop some simple tables for my newspaper to cover an upcoming election. I would like to be able to easily enter in precinct data in a form, have the table show precinct-by-precinct data as well as total and the show the percentage of votes for a certain candidate. Then, I would like to be able to select a winner and have that displayed as well.

Now, the above is obviously pretty easy, but here is what I can't figure out: I would like the above tables to update live as I enter data (or update every minute or so).

I thought the Google Spreadsheets did this but they apparently don't, not automatically that is.

I've seen JSON data possibly, but am not familiar with that as I'm pretty limited on my web knowledge.

Is there an easy way of accomplishing this?

Though once you update data, any new request to your page will present current data only

But somebody is monitoring page, then need to refresh the result section automatically.

For that jquery request can be sent very few mintes say, 5 mintes. You can set timer function in your page which will send request to server every five minutes and updates the result section of your page. And json is good format to send/read