waht are the uses of crystal reports ? yes i searched google and found same thing everywhere that "it's used for presenting data from different data sources etc". but i can't get the actual meaning. Why and where to use CR in asp.net?
Simple words please

So what you found is really the simplest definition. Say you have data and you want to build a report including graphs. How would you do it? You'd have to develop it. This can definitely take some time and resources to do.

Crystal reports allows you to access data, and present information to the user, quickly and efficiently with minimal code and effort.

Crystal reports is not the only product out there in the Business Intelligence (BI) arena.

You have to remember that within an organization, you have IT analysts and/or other IS business people that work with data. They are not coders, so having a product that can get people to data to produce information is very important.