I need to build a online transaction processing system using php and mySQL. Sorry to say, I am a newbie at this. One of the requirements is that when a transaction is processed, a printed bill/invoice should be generated. Can this be done in php ?

If I am not mistaken, a printed output could be generated from ASP by using Crystal Reports or similar third party tools. Is there any such tool for php ? Also, is there a way to do this directly from php ? It would be Ok, I guess, if a text file could be generated from php and the output directed towards the printer.

I would appreciate any pointers/tips/suggestions.


Thanks for the tip.

One of the user comments was that it worked only at the server, not at the client side. So it may not really work for me. Maybe I will have to look for some client side tools like javascript.


you may try jasper tools with java bridge, just googling it ..