i just dowloaded a fiverr clone from http://phpvalley.com/phpvalley-micro-jobs-site-script/
but am unable to install it on my localhost.am told to change 644 to 777, but i dont know where or how.
I rigth click on connect.php and tryed changing its propaties, but it too did'nt work...

Well a little more information would be helpful. Such as: What OS are you running? What you were told to do? What file you need to change? The error?

You need to use your FTP client ( winscp, cuteftp, whichever you are using ) to go find that file (connect.php), and after that right click on it (or whatever way your ftp client allows) to change its PERMISSIONS.

in permissions box, there will be a number like '644'. You must enter 777 in its place, and then apply changes.

Then you can install the script.

The above post is correct if using ftp. I wasn't thinking about ftp but direct server access.

With shell access, "chmod 755 connect.php" while in the directory file is in would do it. and then 644 when done.

Market has been flooded with Fiverr clone scripts shortly after Fiverr went online.

thank you all for your time, but am trying to install it on my localhost on my laptop. How do i get this 644 and change it to 777, i already try rigth clicking on connect.php and changing some things,but that did'nt work...pls help.

this where you can find the http://phpvalley.com/forums/forum-topic/install-documentation/

now it says :

[3] CHMOD the ‘connect.php’ file to 777 to allow the installer to write to it.

Localhost on your laptop shouldnt be a problem. try installing, and if it doesnt work only then refer to the documentation of the servers you are using for running php/mysql on your laptop.

however, script requires mod_rewrite therefore it needs apache web server. so you should be using apache.

try xammp or the like.