when i click on add to cart button page is not reload cart shows empty and when i refresh page throught f5 it show data in cart and give error

TypeError: jQuery(...).fancybox is not a function
"transitionOut" :   "elastic"

in admin side i disable fancybox jquery so i got this error if i enable fancy box jquery then i got error

TypeError: jQuery(...).fancybox is not a function
"transitionOut" :   "elastic"

please help i searched a lot and try so many things but not get any solution i hopr here some one help in jquery i am not very well in jquery.

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It sounds like the plugin or jQuery is not loading, or loading in the wrong order. If the plugin is loaded before jQuery that will be a problem. It is really hard to say for sure though without seeing the site.

i check plugin also ther is no plugin fir virtumart and i am not able to give site url it is client's site i found this 2 error nothing else please help me

VirtueMart Shopping Cart i use this module of virtumart for displaying product in cart only this giving me problem otherwise all is fine in this module when i click on add to cart button data not displayed

So you don't see the jQuery plugin for fancybox being called on the page?

It sounds like something is trying to call the fancybox function, but if Joomla or VirtuMart module are not calling the plugin then you are going to get an error like this.

Without being able to see the site, I really can't give a definitive answer.

thanx for reply but site is not mine otherwise i post url too when i found the solution i give here also thanx again

Look for this at /administrator/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=config tab templates.

The options for you important are:
Using the Virtuemart jQuery
Using the product Scripts (Product Scripts have to be enabled for cart functions to work)
Using the Script ajax Countries / Regions

Most jquery conflicts are fixed, when you disable the "Virtuemart jQuery" library.

yes i check this also i disable jquery from admin also thanx for reply @jhonmarvi

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