hi guys,

What will happen if the PHP developer leaves the company and what might be the consequence if his/her program will be used by another developer of the company. Some concerns that the 2nd programmer will have the chance to steal the program. niu

any comments are much appreciated.

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If programmers are under contract, any use outside of the company can most likely be sued.

This is really a matter for your legal department... Many companies will have clauses in their developers' contracts stating that any software developed while an employee of the company/organization is owned by the company/organization. So if a new developer comes in and then tries to steal the code, you can sue their pants off.

Of course, this all probably depends on the laws of the country, state, and maybe even the city you live in.

and this what I was worried about, I left my job as php developer and came another programmer and take my job , at first I encoded all my projects, but the company said this work done in company and must still open source in company, so I delivered the real projects, but in my country there nothing called law , so the "honor" thing that what I depend on :P , if 2nd programmer is not worthy and you suspect he might steel the works then fire him.

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