Hi every one,

I am using this funtion

function get_last_inserted_id($table) {
    include "dbsetting/adm_vars_config.php";
    include "dbsetting/classdbconection.php";
    $dbacosis = new dbacosis();
    $sqlacosis  = $dbacosis->queryacosis("SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID() AS `last_id` FROM `pcosis_courses`;");
        if(!$sqlacosis or   mysql_num_rows($sqlacosis) == 0) {
            return false;
        } else  {
            $data = mysql_fetch_array($sqlacosis);
            return $data['last_id'];

$id = get_last_inserted_id("courses");
echo $id;

but it reture zero. anybody have idea.

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$data = mysql_fetch_array($sqlacosis);
return $data['last_id'];

When you say 'zero' do you mean 'false' (first conditional branch result) or do you mean $data['last_id'] = 0 ?

Also the code above - are you certain that you're getting a mysql resource? Not sure about you mixing a db object and free range procedural...

Aren't they...



$data = $sqlacosis->fetch_assoc()

Or something similar?

When you use LAST_INSERT_ID() you cannot select the table. Also the id must be an auto increment column, if for example you're using uuid_short() you will get an empty result. And the value is related to the session of the client, if the insert is done by client A, client B will not see the last inserted id:

If this does not help show your insert query and the table structure.

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ALternatively, you could, on an autoincrement PK, just select the last item by

... ORDER BY pkeyfield DESC LIMIT 1