Please if u can send me the code or any example of the code of this game because i have on project on my univesity on app inventor .
the game is like that this link http://www.mathplayground.com/numberballs.html

but my project really contain :With the start of the game, from the bottom of the screen will appear 3
bubbles, the size, color and different speeds will climb vertically
above. Horizontal point where the bubbles will appear initially to be
random. Bubbles will also have a number of each. The player must bubble
burst before reaching the top of the screen. The order in which the
order is to be burst bubbles, growth in relation to the numbers they
contain. The game should last for one minute, at the end of which the
message appears to be earned. In the instance when a bubble reaches the
upper limit, the game ends.

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Heh heh. I'd love to see that in php ;)


Why do you want to use php for this? php isn't built for this.


Not Php

But you posted to the php forum. I suggest you post to the correct forum. Have a look at the software development ofrum to see which subforums may suit your needs.

If you are planning on creating a native app for Android, iPhone etc, then you'll need to be familiar (or learn) Java, Objective C etc. Else you could develop a game in HTML5/CSS/JS and use a site like PhoneGap to generate the code for you. Just be aware that there aren't many shortcuts. You may be able to find game authoring sites, but I would imagine that these will be pretty prescriptive and won't allow much in the way of flexibility.

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