programmers help me i have a problem for my study issue, if i ask you to develop a program that contain a database and using php scripting language how much it will cost for the whole development. also it is an online system. example Nutrition Information System. i hope that you will help me? thank you!!

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how much it will cost for the whole development

Hard to say without more specific requirements. Are you looking for cost in hours, or money?


To determine the level of work actually required you need to determine what pages and features you need, as the cost can range dramatically. Example you're talking about a Nutrition Information System, your requirements should include something like this:

  • Database containing nutritional information(calories, fat, trans fats, saturated fats, carbs, protein, fiber) on XXX (say 2,000) food items
  • Lookup page where users can search database to view information for specific foods
  • Editing page where site owner can add new foods to database and edit existing foods (requires one password for all permitted users to access)

As a reference I'm not very good at these estimates but for the above I'd estimate an hour to create the database structure/tables, four hours to create the lookup page (includes basic HTML/CSS styling but nothing fancy, if you want a visually attractive layout add on time for a graphic designer) and 6-8 hours to create the editing page where admin can create/edit food items. All in all this totals around 12+ hours, at a moderate freelance rate of $30/hour you're looking at $350-400+.

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