Hi folks,

I've been inactive for web developing for last 4-5 years..
I lost the will to learn programming and become programmer...

after long time, I realize that I should fullfill my dream..
but, in 4-5 years timespan, the technology is so much changed that I don't know where to start. Though my html and basic css is still good. I am able to produce static websites (which is child's play in today's technology world)

I would appreciate if you can suggest where should I start again, any tutorials for beginners and any kind of suggestion which help me in my quest.

Thanks for your time.

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I would take the time to refresh your HTML and CSS. From there...

HTML5 --> CSS3 --> JavaScript --> AJAX --> jQuery --> server side scripting (PHP, ASP.NET, etc ) with SQL.

Participate in the forums. Ask questions and try to solve other peoples issues.

Your best bet is to pick up some good books and start working towards your goal.


hi JorgeM,

thanks. I appreciate... I will exactly do what you just mentioned... you saved my day. thanks :)

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