Dear All !

I am facing very strange issue of my online application. There are two images are attached with this post:
1-Snap shoot of my PC
2-Snam shoot of client PC

There is a asp tab control having menu. At client end its visibility is hidden i dont know what is the reason, and at the same time this control is visible at my end with same user. Issue is same with diff browsers but just at client end. It is working fine on any other PC.


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here is the second pic.

Did you recently make a change to the CSS properties? Maybe the page is cached on the client side? Try clearing the cache...

Does this happen on other PCs as well?

Thanks for your reply sir , i just solved my prob. There is no issue with the code. There was issue with the firewall they are using. After enabling few services (i dont know which) page is loading fine.

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